On the fifith day of our vacation in Canada, we visited Moraine Lake. 

On the rocks, I saw a chipmunk. It ran to me and I touched it. 

It felt furry.  I named it Theodore. 

My sister and I played with Theodore on the rocks.

We took many pictures of him. 




Later, we had to leave.  We canoed in the lake



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  • tt
  • Theodore is very cute.
    I think you all have a very nice holiday. :p

    by auntie ting ting
  • Dear Auntie Ting Ting:
    Thank you for reading my travel journal,
    do you think I should write more about our
    vacation in Canadian Rockies?

    關琳琳 於 2010/06/22 05:02 回覆

  • tt
  • Sure, please write more to let me know your happy travel.
  • My mom forced me to write this short article. I
    do not want to do it anymore. CC.

    關琳琳 於 2010/07/03 03:08 回覆

  • 小乖媽
  • What happened to Alvin and Simon??
  • 孤陋的版主問: Alvin & Simon 是蝦米碗糕?

    殼妹回答: They didn't show up.

    關琳琳 於 2010/06/30 07:00 回覆

  • 小乖媽
  • 版主,請去問你們家幫Theodore取名的才女阿~~~ 嘻嘻
  • 結果啊,我是我們家唯一不知道 Alvin & the Chipmunks


    關琳琳 於 2010/06/30 06:59 回覆

  • tt
  • 哈哈哈哈哈
    我快笑死了 XD
  • 你在狂笑些什麼?

    關琳琳 於 2010/07/01 09:04 回覆